7 March 2019 13:40

Win big with 2019's RAD Dance Challenge

Win up to £750 at this year's RAD Dance Challenge!

This exciting competition gives you the opportunity to display your talents in a live performance in front of audience, while it also offers you the chance to be of a great creative process and to win up to £750.

You will be judged on the performance of a solo - this can be choreographed by a peer or a teacher, or you could even choreograph it yourself if you prefer. Everyone is welcome to enter - boys and girls - so delve into the wells of your own creativity and collaboration skills to create the best solo you can that displays your talent, craft, and passion for dance. Do that and you may be the winner of this year's RAD Dance Challenge and the winner of £500 or £750!

However, you need to apply to be in with a chance of all this, as well as the prize money. The Dance Challenge is split into two - Graded and Vocational-Graded.

Across two levels per event, Graded candidates will compete on 9 June and must apply by 20 May - with a prize of  £500. To apply for this and for further information, head here.

Meanwhile Vocational Graded candidates will compete on 16 June and must apply by 27 May, with a prize of £750 up for grabs. To apply for this and further information, head here.

Both branches of this year's Dance Challenge will be held at RAD's London Headquarters.

As a candidate, you will be grouped based on your level you are currently studying at or the most recent examination you've taken. Again, everyone is welcome to enter - boys and girls - so don't hesitate to click one of the above links to show off your talents and land yourself a chance of winning £500 or £750.